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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Ferrari LaFerrari - Final - [NFSPS]

Car from RR3/FH2
Replaces : Ford GT '06

If you use any version prior to this one , I recommend you to uninstall it and to use this one, as it won't receive any other update.

Everything can be customized apart:
-aftermarket exhausts & seats

- Stock color is now Yellow Modena (still has Ford GT's stock decals by default)
- Global visual updates and fixes.
- Shaders fixed + minor improvements.
- New specific FXXK Evo spoiler added. (to select it, just re-install the stock spoiler from the menu.)
- Only the front window can receive a decal.
- The widebodykit has been entirely remade from zero.
- Textures fixes have been also brought , now stock wheel paint is supported, and grilles are fixed.
- Refined autosculpt options.

Some parts may appear bugged when a vinyl is applied, but that's not the case, it's because of the shape of the car which differs from what it replaces. So don't worry, I've got you covered on that one :D


Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Lamborghini Aventador LP700 - [NFSUG]

Model from NFS: No Limits/Payback/FM4
Replaces : Mazda RX-7 (RX7)
Customizations :
Everything apart front, rear window, quarter decals.
Fixes (also this time I gave you the correct Cfg-Installer :D ):
-> Solved the disappearing parts issue. My bad on that one , could have fixed it sooner.
-> Made some arrangements texture-wise.
-> Added some additionnal parts in every section.
-> Fixed some shaders
-> Fixed mirror reflection
-> Removed spoiler 6, and replaced it by a more interesting one.
-> Headlights cannot be customized anymore.

Features :
- All effects enabled
- New wheel positions
- Some Roofscoops also have an additional rollcage
- Correct ride height
- Black rims (the original version was silver)

Known bugs:
- The front,rear window and quarter decals are unavailable , they were too glitchy. (and ricey)


Monday, December 31, 2018

Toyota Corolla AE86 Sprinter Trueno - [NFSUG2]

Customizations : Everything apart roofscoops and mirrors.

Features :
- Anti-theft 3d logo.
- Optional decals (see in Brakelights)
- NFSC Driver.
- Optimized model and textures.
- Custom parts.
- Fully compatible with NFSU2 vinyls.

- no roofscoops (because they suck , tbh).
- car may disappear sometimes 
(it's a bug from the game being very old, Yet I took that in mind. Low-end users shouldn't have any issues at all.)  


Saturday, December 29, 2018

Why so low updates ?

So as many of you may have noticed or not , many things got me much , and I barely took time to update the blog at all , I'm quite sorry for that.

Yet I didn't do that on purpose , and don't worry , content is coming. I already planned to upload ALL of my gameplay of NFS Payback on my main channel.

My channel ! :

Also speaking of mods , I have prepared a couple of them , but during the holidays , I also took my time to rest , as my current job doesn't allow me much time to do so , I always end up being exhausted , when I don't have a headache.

(I'm keeping an eye on those so it's okay)

Hre I'll leave you with some photos of some the upcoming mods here :D

Hyundai Genesis Rev.2 - [NFSPS]

Replace : Infiniti G35 (G35)

If you use the previous version of this mod, uninstall it and use this one instead.

Customization :
Everything apart roof scoops and aftermarket exhausts.

- Driver from NFS PS
- Liberty Walk spoiler as Spoiler #402
- Cusom-made bodykits and Pandem widebody
- Custom aftermarket hoods
- New performance data
- Proper brakelight glass
- Accurate UV Mapping
- Stock autosculpt rim options.
- Anti-theft 3D logo

Fixes :
- There was a weird behavior which could trigger low-level pink RX-7 for no reason, it's now fixed.
- Corrected some effects and shaders.
- All the kits apart the stock autosculpt have been updated and some autosculpt options have been added/updated.
- New version of the Stratosped kit 7.
- Fixed the with of the wheel positions , which happened to make the wheels poking out a little bit.
- Corrected the ride height a bit. Lower is better but scraping isn't :P
- Textures have been updated.
- Stock wheel paint works proprely now.

Download links:

Red Stallions Rev.2 - [NFSPS]

This version is the Rev.2 which contains major improvements and also bug fixes.

Content brought by this pack:

- A set of 5 Ferraris : F12 Berlinetta, Enzo , 458 Italia, 488 GTB and 599 GTO
- A new safehouse
- New licenseplate

Bug fixes and improvements:
- Most of the cars were unusable in Drift mode because of incorrect/deleted lines that caused them to not get points while drifitng. It's fixed now.
- The 458 Italia and the 488 GTB had a weird mapping. It's also fixed now.
- The Enzo had major problems related to the chassis and the wheel positions, both in the garage and in races.
- The wheel clipping issue what could occur when installing a widebody kit or when the car was too low. It's fixed aswell.
- ALL cars got their engine/exhaust sounds updated. Better they sound, better it is !
- The 458 Italia and the 488 GTB have been totally remade , using better models and shaders. They all include special kits, which requires the script to be installed, otherwise these options will stay locked by default.
- The 458 italia doesn't feature the option to autosculpt the stock bumpers and skirts, same as the car it actually replaces (you'll find out easily what car is concerned by that.)
- The 488 Italia was unstable in Speed mode , whereas the Grip mode of the 488 GTB could have been altered. It's also fixed.
- Some options on the 458 Italia and the 488 GTB have been also edited/improved.
- The F12 berlinetta also got a set of new kits, a new widebody and also some new hoods.
- The 599 GTO may have showed some issues when a drag setup was applied to it, it's also fixed.
- The Enzo got an update , some parts such as the Evo&Drag; spoiler have been swapped. The windows also got mapped.
- The Enzo also got some autosculpt parts redone as they were displaying weirdly or they were bugged, causing some parts to disappear aswell.
- All of the cars got a new UV-Mapping, their windows apart the Enzo, doesn't allow decals since the users of SpecialVinyls may encounter a weird bug that allows them to put vinyls on the windows. The Enzo is a special case since it doesn't happen.
- The licenseplate remains, as it's another way to tell you if you have correctly installed the mod. Texture updated aswell.
- The safehouse got an update, featuring the main color of Ferrari , yellow. The main screen is also updated.
(those who thought that Ferrari main color was red, you're wrong.)
- All models received a 3D anti-theft logo.

All the cars are customizable, some of them features specific kits and Ferrari parts.
Their performance sets are also edited to bring you a whole new experience !

Download links :
NFSCars :
NFS Mods :

Sunday, November 11, 2018

SEAT Cupra GT - [NFS Prostreet]

Replace : SEAT Leon Cupra (LEONCUPRA)

Customization :
- Bodykits (Stock + AutoSculpt & Widebody)
- Rollcages
- Roofscoops
- Spoielrs (contains Evo spoiler)
- Rims (stock autosculpt icnluded)
- Paint, Vinyls & Decals
- Performance

- Driver from NFS PS
- Proper textures and stock rim paint
- New performance data
- Now classified as " Rear-Wheel drive " car
- new UV-mapping
- Anti-theft 3D logo



Sunday, October 14, 2018

Rossion Q1 [NFSPS]

" basically an American counterpart of the Lotus Evora. Too bad it didn't lasted enough. "

Car from FM4 , F&F Legacy  NFS Shift2:U/ No Limits /Payback and 3d model by me.

Replace : Cadillac CTS-V (CTSV)

Customization list:
Everything apart aftermarket exhausts , and aftermarket seats.

- Anti-theft 3d model.
- New wheel positions & new performance.
- Detailed model.
- Autosculpt on all parts.
- All effects included.
- Proper stock wheel paint.
- Proper UV Mapping + decals on front and rear windows.


Thursday, October 11, 2018

Lamborghini Asterion Rev.2 - [NFSPS]

Replace : Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera

Customization :
Everything apart hoods, roof scoops and aftermarket exhausts.
Decals cannot be applied on windows, only tints are available for them.

Fixes brought by this version:
- Global revamp of the car mod
- New proper UV-Mapping 
- New custom kits available (autosculpt available)
- New Widebody kit (autosculpt available)
- Improved textures (no more bugged rim paint)
- New .nfsms settings, no more bugged .nfscfg files
- Revamped performance file, also improved the transmission and other values.
( beware of the car in Grip, it still weighs a bit more than the normal Gallardo.)
- Fixed ride height

- Driver from NFS PS
- Revamped model
- New performance (972 hp stock ,  +1200hp when tuned.)
- Anti-theft 3d logo


Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Lexus RC-F v2 - [NFSPS]

Car from FH3, FH2 / NFS Shift2:U - No Limits / F&F Legacy

Replace : Lexus IS350 (IS350)

Customization list:
Everything. Even roofscoops can be used.

Fixes brought by this version:
- The first verion had faulty normals , which made the car looking weird. It's fixed now.
- The UV-Mapping has been modified a little bit.
- The headlights  now use a proper texture.
- The brakes got revamped , same as the wheels. Quality bois !
- Most of the kits have been wiped out for some new variants, all customizable through autosculpt.
- Proper rim paint, which means : no more weird autosculpt coloring via the wheels !
- Minor fixes have been done mostly in the safehouse , the car happened to be lower than what in races.
- New stock color
- Addition of rooscoops and many other aftermarket elements.
- New rollcages custom made from Shfit2u models.
- The performance remained the same as the previous version, only the drag mode has been updated. Should be more accurate right now.

Download Links:

Monday, October 1, 2018

Bugatti Divo - [NFSPS]

Replace : Bugatti Veyron

Customization :
Same as the original Veyron.

- 3 "kits" -> stock : original , autosculpt : dark elements , widebody : aluminum elements.
- Stock version with nitro enabled, max speed locked to 380 km/h (Stock Divo specs IRL)
- New performance (track and corner-firendly behavior, different from the Chiron)
- Driver from NFS PS
- All effectx have been added.
- Optimized model.
- Rollcages from Shift2:U
- HD Brakes, interior and rims from FM7.
- Anti-theft 3d logo

Download links :

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Lamborghini Murciélago v2 - [NFSPS]

Features & Fixes :
- New wheel positions
- Texture updates
- New performance data, also added drift mode, which causes he car to be displayed as RWD in the Parking lot, but don't worry, the car remain AWD in all modes apart Drift.
So, that Drift mode : Basically the Daigo Saito version, with more horsepower. Be careful, this one is seriously though to master.
- Modified turbo sound effects (the car needs to be upgraded first, obviously)
- Full Autosculpt support on all kits.
- The widebody had no licenseplate, it's fixed now.
- The kits and the rollcages have been edited.
- The widebody also got some updates and details here and there.
- The hoods also got updated. You can even choose to have eyelids or not. 
- Removed the wheel swap option aswell as the coloring option from the wheel autosculpt.
You can now enjoy the paint directly like the original cars, on the SV rims ! (because these are better)
- NFSPS driver.
- Real on/off brakelight effect.
- Full vinyl & decals support
- 3d anti-theft model

Download links :
NFSMods (soon)

Sunday, September 23, 2018


Replace : Porsche 997 GT3

Customization :
Everything apart aftermarket exhausts & seats.

- Driver from NFS PS.
- Corrected hood camera.
- New peformance data.
- Autosculpt on stock rims.
- Custom Evo spoiler & hoods
- Proper brakelight glass
- New UV-Mapping.
- All effects works (exhaust flame , brakelights...)
- 3d Anti-theft logo.
- Evo Spoiler : Slider #1 defines the angle of the spoiler.
- Drag spoiler : ducktail. Extansible or not. You choose.
- Custom kits made by me.
- Widebody kit from NFS No Limits , edited and adjusted by me.


NFSCars :
NFS Mods :