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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Chevrolet Camaro Z28 '15 - [NFSProStreet]

This car should have been released since April of this year , and even a bit earlier , but polishing the physics was actually interesting , and some personal issues and changes in my life kept me from releasing it earlier.

Replace : Chevrolet Camaro SS (CAMARO)

Customization :

- Driver from NFS PS
- Custom tuning kits and widebody.
- New peformance data (improved drag mode and grip modes too).
- Custom aftermarket hoods (working autosculpt).
- Aftermarket hoods can be removed via the last autosculpt slider available.
- Custom hood camera
- Stock rim paint + autosculpt (use autosculpt sliders)
- Proper brakelight glass
- New UV-Mapping
- All effects works (exhaust flame , brakelights...)
- Anti-theft 3d logo


Thursday, July 12, 2018

CobbleWorks Showroom - [NFSPS]

Something new for once !

Cobbleworks Showroom
by Ti-Sonic
For NFS Prostreet

Replace : Showroom and Parking
Remember to backup your original files before installing any mod , in case you want to revert the game to its original state, for example.

Installation :
1. Extract the contents of the archive.
2. Copy/paste " STREAML6R_FE.BUN " in the TRACKS folder of NFSPS
3. Enjoy !
You just have to copy/paste the backup of the file that you have made before instaling this tool.
In case you didn't make the backup, I can't help you on that one.


Saturday, July 7, 2018

918 Spyder - [NFS ProStreet]

Replace : Porsche 997 GT3 (997GT3)
Model converted from NFS:Payback and RR3.

Customization :
Everything apart hoods,roofscoops,aftermarket exhausts(kinda logic) & seats.

- Driver from NFS PS
- Corrected hood camera
- New peformance data (4WD on Grip and Speed mode , RWD in Drag and Drift)
- New exhaust sound
- Autosculpt on stock rims
- Custom Evo and Drag spoilers
- Proper brakelight glass
- New UV-Mapping
- All effects works (exhaust flame , brakelights...)
- 3d Anti-theft logo
- Custom rollcages : 
Stock -> no roof
Rollcage style 1 -> Targa roof
Rollcage 2 -> Carbon roof
Kits :
Autosculpt -> Weissach package
Stratospeed 04 -> Alchemist
Stratospeed 05 -> Alchemist Evo
Widebody : Liberty Walk kit

- Evo spoiler : sliders 1,2,3 act on the spoiler itself , the 3 reduces it , allowing you to use the stock spoiler
-> slider 4 works when the slider 3 is set at 100% , otherwise it goes through the spoiler
Drag spoiler : contains 1 autosculpt option , basically changes the angle.

Some parts tend to show well , but appears weird outside of the garage.
Aftermarket hoods were also affected by this issue, so I took them out until I find a convenient solution.


Saturday, June 30, 2018

RUF CTR3 '07 - [NFS ProStreet]

Replace : Porsche Cayman S
Model from Project CARS

Customization :
Everything apart roofscoops (obviously), aftermarket exhausts & seats.

- Driver from NFS PS.
- Corrected hood camera.
- New peformance data.
- Autosculpt on stock rims.
- Custom Evo spoiler & hoods
- Proper brakelight glass
- New UV-Mapping.
- All effects works (exhaust flame , brakelights...)
- 3d Anti-theft logo.
- Evo Spoiler : Slider #1 raises up the spoiler , #2 is the angle of the spoiler.
- Widebody kit : SMS-R version. Inlcudes paintable windscreen.
Recommended setups : Grip , Drag and Speed.

Download links :

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

918 Spyder SE - [NFS ProStreet] W.I.P.

Current Status 

The mod is almost done. I did all the performance part , and apart the sound , it can be used in all events without issue. Grip and Speed modes will be 4WD whereas the Drag and Drift ones will feature the RWD version.


I currently have an issue related to the model itself. No matter what, the parts display well, but only in the garage. Once out , some parts display weirdly , like if they have been cut/dematerialized. As of now I don't know what triggers this behavior , so the parts affected by this bug have been either disabled or set to another set of parts.

Parts concerned :
- hoods
- widebody (skirts)

One the mod is finished , I'll publish it asap.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Jaguar C-x75 [NFS Prostreet]

Car from RR3/NFS : NL
Replace : Lotus Elise (ELISE)

Customization :
Everything apart roofscoops (overroofscoops aren't a thing yet), aftermarket exhausts
and aftermarket seats.

- Driver from NFS PS
- R3 Spec kit (Stratospeed kit 4)
- Cusom-made bodykits and widebody
- Custom aftermarket hoods
- New performance data
- Proper brakelight glass
- UV Mapping 100% accurate
- The autosculpt kit features carbon scoops, which are painted by default on the stock kit. 
The skirts of this kit doesn't feature autosculpt.
- Anti-theft 3D logo

Download links:

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Dodge Challenger FIX - [NFS ProStreet]

Basically : fixing what the devs should have done in the first place.

Replace : Dodge Challenger Concept
Customization :
Same as the original car.

- Hoods and other parts from NFSUC
- Anti-theft 3d logo
- New performance set.

Bugs and fixes :
- Model from PS with UC parts
- The missing body on Stratospeed #4&5 has been fixed
- The grill textures used on bodykits have been fixed aswell
- Some hoods were swapped for some other from NFSUC
- Some shaders have been added/changed
- The unpaintable widebody/aftermarket hoods bug is now solved.
- The vinyls were misplaced when installing the widebody , it's now fixed.
- Some parts have been merged to save up some loading time
- New performance set is recommended , it brings up a new Challenger, at it's best. Beware of unanticipated wheelspins though xD
- New performance also buffs up the drag mode, it now acts as it should have been : like a BEAST.

Downoad links:

Nissan GT-R Nismo LM LMP1 - [NFS ProStreet]

Replaces : GTRPROTO

Features :
- New performance data (based on the final version of the car). Need to be installed. Vlt-Ed 4.5 is required.
Since the final version is a FWD instead of AWD like the prototype , it will be available in the "Front Wheel Drive" section in Car Lot.
- New price (seems legit for a race car)
- All effects added.
- NFSPS driver.
- Real on/off brakelight effect.
- Anti-Theft 3d model

Fixes :
- Some parts were deforming weirdly when the car was hit. Collision model has been changed.
- The car's parts have been redone to save up some weight plus for avoiding strange collisions
- Some textures have been updated , some had been added.
- Some parts got new shaders.

Download Links:

Friday, June 1, 2018

Nissan GT-R Proto & Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 - [NFSUG]

Hello all !
These two cars took a bit of time, but I did them !

GT-R Proto Rev.2
Replaces : SKYLINE

- ride height issue fixed ( thanks to Tails ! )
- some parts are now correctly attached to their respective parts
- fixed the issue with the decals (sort of)

Download links:

Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4
Replaces : Mazda RX-7 (RX7)
Customizations :
Everything apart quarter and rear decals.

Features :
- All effects enabled
- New wheel positions
- Some Roofscoops also have an additional rollcage
- Specific spoilers
- Correct ride height (no scraping on the floor in races)
- Black rims (the original version was silver)
- Default color : Quicksilver

Download links
NFSCars (soon , I can't upload it because of error 500 issue)

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Ultimate Reventòn mod for NFS games : Q&A

What is the Lamborghini Reventòn Ultimate ?

Basically it's a car that I like more than the LP640 from where it has been created , but most of the time I noticed that car was either modded with no kits at all , or even worse with vinyls replacing livreries. It's time to change !

For which games ?

Basically the mod is planned for the following NFS : U2 , MW , Carbon , Prostreet , and Undercover in the near future.

Is it already available ?

Yes. For UG2 and ProStreet. The Prostreet version wasn't planned to be a part of it. On top of that it's quite limited in terms of widebody kits , I had to choose a special one.

Why not for older games like NFS:HS / UG ?

I don't have these games , and UG isn't really my favorite when it comes to modding. I rather not touch games that I don't like / not familiar with.

Did you plan to replace the same cars, or at least one of their counterparts ?

If you mean replacing an older counterpart of that car , yes. Otherwise the car will replace a car that has a handling/acceleration/top speed close to the mod. UG2 doesn't have a Murcielago , so it replaces the 3000GT which a ugly car imo.

What options are available on these mods ?

Everything , but it highly depends on the game limitations. Both on customisation and optimization levels.

Will those mods come in a form of a pack , or will they be released as standalone mods ?

Second option. I don't feel the need to release them via a pack. I already have three to 5 car packs on hold , so I don't need additional work. And for these ones I planned to take my time to eliminate most of the bugs.

Like I tend to say : " great things always come in due time. "


Lamborghini Reventon Ultimate - [NFSU2]

Model from NFS : Shift 2, World , No Limits , Forza Motorsport 3
Replaces : Mitsubishi 3000GT
Customizations :
- Front bumpers
- Rear bumpers
- Couloured headlight glass tint (via Window tint section)
- Rollcages (headlights section)
- Custom spoilers (taillights section)
- Rims,spinners
- Performance
- Paint, Vinyls
- Decals (doors only, available on all widebodykits)
- Underglow neon, hydraulic suspensions

Features :
- Custom licenseplate made by me
- Some custom parts made by me
- No audio parts because this car can't have them :V
- Anti-theft 3d logo
- All kits are from NFSW + some parts from NFS NL & Forza
- Optimized textures
- New wheel positions
- NFSC Driver

Download links :

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Ford Mustang GT '13 NFS Concept [Prostreet]

Replace : Ford Mustang GT '06

Customization :

Everything apart aftermarket seats and roofscoops.

- New aftermarket hoods from Forza + new autosculpt options.
- New Stratospeed 4&5 + new widebody kits.
- Paint for stock rims (sliders #6 to #8).
- Corrected some weird behavior of autosculpt parts.
- Driver from NFS PS.
- New performance
- Anti-theft 3d logo

- The car had a weird UV-Mapping issue. 
The UV-Mapping has been redone, but you'll still have to make adjustements ¯\_(?)_/¯
- The Ken Block livrery/Mike Hayes livreries have been removed.
- Corrected a weird autosculpt-related behaviour on some kits.
- Some parts and materials have been fixed.
- The car is less bugged , most of the main parts have been readjusted.
- The new performance has been updated and fixed, now the car shares the almost the same specs with the existing concept.
- Fixed an issue where some black parts of the chassis could appear through the car's body.(Rivals buggy meshes)
- New supercharger/turbo sounds have been set to their performance counterparts.
- New car sound.

Download links:

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Ford Mustang GT '13 Concept [v2]-[W.I.P]

About time I haven't posted !
Anyway here goes the v2 of this mod :D

A lot of things have been fixed , but all will be revealed when the mod will be ready for upload. :)