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Monday, September 3, 2018

Lamborghini Asterion V2 - W.I.P [Performance Update]

New features coming up :

 - all tuning kits
- bigger spoilers
- refined performance
- other minor fixes


About the performance I corrected the whole part related to the transmission, somehow the stock one was great but the tuned one gave a strange behavior , like it struggled to give the power to the wheels , making it a Prius when it wasn't supposed to be.

I also remade the correct power numbers, the car now gives 972 hp in stock mods, while the tuned variant is around 1200 hp.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Chevrolet Camaro Z28 '15 - [NFSProStreet]

This car should have been released since April of this year , and even a bit earlier , but polishing the physics was actually interesting , and some personal issues and changes in my life kept me from releasing it earlier.

Replace : Chevrolet Camaro SS (CAMARO)

Customization :

- Driver from NFS PS
- Custom tuning kits and widebody.
- New peformance data (improved drag mode and grip modes too).
- Custom aftermarket hoods (working autosculpt).
- Aftermarket hoods can be removed via the last autosculpt slider available.
- Custom hood camera
- Stock rim paint + autosculpt (use autosculpt sliders)
- Proper brakelight glass
- New UV-Mapping
- All effects works (exhaust flame , brakelights...)
- Anti-theft 3d logo


Thursday, July 12, 2018

CobbleWorks Showroom - [NFSPS]

Something new for once !

Cobbleworks Showroom
by Ti-Sonic
For NFS Prostreet

Replace : Showroom and Parking
Remember to backup your original files before installing any mod , in case you want to revert the game to its original state, for example.

Installation :
1. Extract the contents of the archive.
2. Copy/paste " STREAML6R_FE.BUN " in the TRACKS folder of NFSPS
3. Enjoy !
You just have to copy/paste the backup of the file that you have made before instaling this tool.
In case you didn't make the backup, I can't help you on that one.


Saturday, July 7, 2018

918 Spyder - [NFS ProStreet]

Replace : Porsche 997 GT3 (997GT3)
Model converted from NFS:Payback and RR3.

Customization :
Everything apart hoods,roofscoops,aftermarket exhausts(kinda logic) & seats.

- Driver from NFS PS
- Corrected hood camera
- New peformance data (4WD on Grip and Speed mode , RWD in Drag and Drift)
- New exhaust sound
- Autosculpt on stock rims
- Custom Evo and Drag spoilers
- Proper brakelight glass
- New UV-Mapping
- All effects works (exhaust flame , brakelights...)
- 3d Anti-theft logo
- Custom rollcages : 
Stock -> no roof
Rollcage style 1 -> Targa roof
Rollcage 2 -> Carbon roof
Kits :
Autosculpt -> Weissach package
Stratospeed 04 -> Alchemist
Stratospeed 05 -> Alchemist Evo
Widebody : Liberty Walk kit

- Evo spoiler : sliders 1,2,3 act on the spoiler itself , the 3 reduces it , allowing you to use the stock spoiler
-> slider 4 works when the slider 3 is set at 100% , otherwise it goes through the spoiler
Drag spoiler : contains 1 autosculpt option , basically changes the angle.

Some parts tend to show well , but appears weird outside of the garage.
Aftermarket hoods were also affected by this issue, so I took them out until I find a convenient solution.


Saturday, June 30, 2018

RUF CTR3 '07 - [NFS ProStreet]

Replace : Porsche Cayman S
Model from Project CARS

Customization :
Everything apart roofscoops (obviously), aftermarket exhausts & seats.

- Driver from NFS PS.
- Corrected hood camera.
- New peformance data.
- Autosculpt on stock rims.
- Custom Evo spoiler & hoods
- Proper brakelight glass
- New UV-Mapping.
- All effects works (exhaust flame , brakelights...)
- 3d Anti-theft logo.
- Evo Spoiler : Slider #1 raises up the spoiler , #2 is the angle of the spoiler.
- Widebody kit : SMS-R version. Inlcudes paintable windscreen.
Recommended setups : Grip , Drag and Speed.

Download links :

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

918 Spyder SE - [NFS ProStreet] W.I.P.

Current Status 

The mod is almost done. I did all the performance part , and apart the sound , it can be used in all events without issue. Grip and Speed modes will be 4WD whereas the Drag and Drift ones will feature the RWD version.


I currently have an issue related to the model itself. No matter what, the parts display well, but only in the garage. Once out , some parts display weirdly , like if they have been cut/dematerialized. As of now I don't know what triggers this behavior , so the parts affected by this bug have been either disabled or set to another set of parts.

Parts concerned :
- hoods
- widebody (skirts)

One the mod is finished , I'll publish it asap.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Jaguar C-x75 [NFS Prostreet]

Car from RR3/NFS : NL
Replace : Lotus Elise (ELISE)

Customization :
Everything apart roofscoops (overroofscoops aren't a thing yet), aftermarket exhausts
and aftermarket seats.

- Driver from NFS PS
- R3 Spec kit (Stratospeed kit 4)
- Cusom-made bodykits and widebody
- Custom aftermarket hoods
- New performance data
- Proper brakelight glass
- UV Mapping 100% accurate
- The autosculpt kit features carbon scoops, which are painted by default on the stock kit. 
The skirts of this kit doesn't feature autosculpt.
- Anti-theft 3D logo

Download links:

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Dodge Challenger FIX - [NFS ProStreet]

Basically : fixing what the devs should have done in the first place.

Replace : Dodge Challenger Concept
Customization :
Same as the original car.

- Hoods and other parts from NFSUC
- Anti-theft 3d logo
- New performance set.

Bugs and fixes :
- Model from PS with UC parts
- The missing body on Stratospeed #4&5 has been fixed
- The grill textures used on bodykits have been fixed aswell
- Some hoods were swapped for some other from NFSUC
- Some shaders have been added/changed
- The unpaintable widebody/aftermarket hoods bug is now solved.
- The vinyls were misplaced when installing the widebody , it's now fixed.
- Some parts have been merged to save up some loading time
- New performance set is recommended , it brings up a new Challenger, at it's best. Beware of unanticipated wheelspins though xD
- New performance also buffs up the drag mode, it now acts as it should have been : like a BEAST.

Downoad links:

Nissan GT-R Nismo LM LMP1 - [NFS ProStreet]

Replaces : GTRPROTO

Features :
- New performance data (based on the final version of the car). Need to be installed. Vlt-Ed 4.5 is required.
Since the final version is a FWD instead of AWD like the prototype , it will be available in the "Front Wheel Drive" section in Car Lot.
- New price (seems legit for a race car)
- All effects added.
- NFSPS driver.
- Real on/off brakelight effect.
- Anti-Theft 3d model

Fixes :
- Some parts were deforming weirdly when the car was hit. Collision model has been changed.
- The car's parts have been redone to save up some weight plus for avoiding strange collisions
- Some textures have been updated , some had been added.
- Some parts got new shaders.

Download Links:

Friday, June 1, 2018

Nissan GT-R Proto & Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 - [NFSUG]

Hello all !
These two cars took a bit of time, but I did them !

GT-R Proto Rev.2
Replaces : SKYLINE

- ride height issue fixed ( thanks to Tails ! )
- some parts are now correctly attached to their respective parts
- fixed the issue with the decals (sort of)

Download links:

Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4
Replaces : Mazda RX-7 (RX7)
Customizations :
Everything apart quarter and rear decals.

Features :
- All effects enabled
- New wheel positions
- Some Roofscoops also have an additional rollcage
- Specific spoilers
- Correct ride height (no scraping on the floor in races)
- Black rims (the original version was silver)
- Default color : Quicksilver

Download links
NFSCars (soon , I can't upload it because of error 500 issue)

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Ultimate Reventòn mod for NFS games : Q&A

What is the Lamborghini Reventòn Ultimate ?

Basically it's a car that I like more than the LP640 from where it has been created , but most of the time I noticed that car was either modded with no kits at all , or even worse with vinyls replacing livreries. It's time to change !

For which games ?

Basically the mod is planned for the following NFS : U2 , MW , Carbon , Prostreet , and Undercover in the near future.

Is it already available ?

Yes. For UG2 and ProStreet. The Prostreet version wasn't planned to be a part of it. On top of that it's quite limited in terms of widebody kits , I had to choose a special one.

Why not for older games like NFS:HS / UG ?

I don't have these games , and UG isn't really my favorite when it comes to modding. I rather not touch games that I don't like / not familiar with.

Did you plan to replace the same cars, or at least one of their counterparts ?

If you mean replacing an older counterpart of that car , yes. Otherwise the car will replace a car that has a handling/acceleration/top speed close to the mod. UG2 doesn't have a Murcielago , so it replaces the 3000GT which a ugly car imo.

What options are available on these mods ?

Everything , but it highly depends on the game limitations. Both on customisation and optimization levels.

Will those mods come in a form of a pack , or will they be released as standalone mods ?

Second option. I don't feel the need to release them via a pack. I already have three to 5 car packs on hold , so I don't need additional work. And for these ones I planned to take my time to eliminate most of the bugs.

Like I tend to say : " great things always come in due time. "


Lamborghini Reventon Ultimate - [NFSU2]

Model from NFS : Shift 2, World , No Limits , Forza Motorsport 3
Replaces : Mitsubishi 3000GT
Customizations :
- Front bumpers
- Rear bumpers
- Couloured headlight glass tint (via Window tint section)
- Rollcages (headlights section)
- Custom spoilers (taillights section)
- Rims,spinners
- Performance
- Paint, Vinyls
- Decals (doors only, available on all widebodykits)
- Underglow neon, hydraulic suspensions

Features :
- Custom licenseplate made by me
- Some custom parts made by me
- No audio parts because this car can't have them :V
- Anti-theft 3d logo
- All kits are from NFSW + some parts from NFS NL & Forza
- Optimized textures
- New wheel positions
- NFSC Driver

Download links :